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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tim and Cara: Married, Part 1 {Austin, TX Wedding Photographer}

 Tim and Cara met at college. They knew there was something "there", but nothing was said until Tim asked Cara out for dinner. The rest is history and within a few minutes of meeting with them I could tell they are totally meant for each other! Their wedding was very elegant and classic with lots of love shared between the families and each other. It was such a perfect day to be a part of. Thank you Cara and Tim and family! :)

Cara's bridesmaids wore the same color dresses but different style's. I loved that!
 The jewelry laid out as a gift for her bridesmaids
 The handsome Groom
 I love this candid shot! This is Mom seeing her daughter as a bride for the first time, and Cara's sisters in the corner and background, all smiling. After Cara got dressed it was a little emotional in the room....yes, even I got emotional. (no surprise there!) :)

With her sister on her left as Matron of honor and best friends. These girls were a riot to spend the day with :)
 As soon as they walked out after being pronounced husband and wife I was able to capture this sweet, tender moment between the bride and groom.
They had an ice cream bar at the reception--best idea ever!
Cara's sister Amber was sitting on an airplane on a runway in Japan when the horrific earthquake hit. She was of course delayed a few days and there was a lot of waiting and wondering if she would make it for the wedding. She didn't, but just as I called her family up for pictures she walked in and it was, once again, a very emotional moment. I'm sure this picture will be very special to both of them as they remember all that  happened before Amber walked in to share a few special moments with her newly-wed sister. (And really, who looks this good after 3 days of travelling???)
 The rose petals were so beautiful as they exited the reception :)
 After everything was over, I was able to go with Tim and Cara to a beautiful botanical gardens to do pictures with just the 2 of them. It was so romantic to watch and follow them around, just capturing candid shots of their first hours together as a married couple! 
We didn't do many "poses", but this was one that we did do and I loved... twirling his bride :)

I'll be doing one more post of their wedding within the next week or so--stay tuned! :)


Katie said...

Love them! The one with her sister is so sweet. and I really like the one with him twirling her.. :)

Anonymous said...

These photos are just fabulous!!! I am so sad to have missed their beautiful wedding, but I really enjoyed looking at these!!!

Lauren said...

Great job! They're beautiful!

Victoria said...

Wonderful job!! The story about the sister coming in from!!!

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