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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Spring!

I did little "L's" one year pictures and I was thrilled when she came back for an Easter mini session! She wasn't too into pictures this day, but Mom and Dad did a great job at getting some smiles out of her and I just clicked away as usual! :) This location was a little annoying to walk to ;) but it was perfect for Spring/Easter, and a great alternative to bluebonnets since they all died off early this year!

This one was too cute not to share ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This weeks theme for I Heart Faces is "wind". I love this picture from Jessica's maternity session. After years of praying and waiting, she went through 9 months of a very high risk pregnancy and I had the pleasure of documenting this special time in her life! Here baby boy is here now and all is well, thanks to the prayers of many friends and family. :)

For more great "wind" entries, go to

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Answered Prayers {Austin, TX Newborn Photographer}

All babies are miracles, but some are a little harder to come by. Some show up as unplanned surprises, but our hearts cannot contain the love we have for them. Others come after years of prayers and tears, when men thought it might be impossible. Bryan is one of those miracle babies that has been many years in the making. ;) I posted Mom's maternity pictures here where you can read a little about her struggles and find a link to her own blog. Bryan will always have a special place in all of our hearts. He is Daddy and Mommy's little miracle and I know they thank God for him every day! I hope you enjoy his photos!

I love his nursery!

Who doesn't love a big baby yawn?! :)

Bryan decided that he did not want to be naked anymore, so we fed him, swaddled him, Mom rocked him to sleep and we got some beautiful images of him so cozy and warm.

Baby feet never get old, no matter how many pictures I take of them!

Congratulations, again, David and Jessica! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

 Tim and Cara met at college. They knew there was something "there", but nothing was said until Tim asked Cara out for dinner. The rest is history and within a few minutes of meeting with them I could tell they are totally meant for each other! Their wedding was very elegant and classic with lots of love shared between the families and each other. It was such a perfect day to be a part of. Thank you Cara and Tim and family! :)

Cara's bridesmaids wore the same color dresses but different style's. I loved that!
 The jewelry laid out as a gift for her bridesmaids
 The handsome Groom
 I love this candid shot! This is Mom seeing her daughter as a bride for the first time, and Cara's sisters in the corner and background, all smiling. After Cara got dressed it was a little emotional in the room....yes, even I got emotional. (no surprise there!) :)

With her sister on her left as Matron of honor and best friends. These girls were a riot to spend the day with :)
 As soon as they walked out after being pronounced husband and wife I was able to capture this sweet, tender moment between the bride and groom.
They had an ice cream bar at the reception--best idea ever!
Cara's sister Amber was sitting on an airplane on a runway in Japan when the horrific earthquake hit. She was of course delayed a few days and there was a lot of waiting and wondering if she would make it for the wedding. She didn't, but just as I called her family up for pictures she walked in and it was, once again, a very emotional moment. I'm sure this picture will be very special to both of them as they remember all that  happened before Amber walked in to share a few special moments with her newly-wed sister. (And really, who looks this good after 3 days of travelling???)
 The rose petals were so beautiful as they exited the reception :)
 After everything was over, I was able to go with Tim and Cara to a beautiful botanical gardens to do pictures with just the 2 of them. It was so romantic to watch and follow them around, just capturing candid shots of their first hours together as a married couple! 
We didn't do many "poses", but this was one that we did do and I loved... twirling his bride :)

I'll be doing one more post of their wedding within the next week or so--stay tuned! :)