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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Answered Prayers {Austin, TX Newborn Photographer}

All babies are miracles, but some are a little harder to come by. Some show up as unplanned surprises, but our hearts cannot contain the love we have for them. Others come after years of prayers and tears, when men thought it might be impossible. Bryan is one of those miracle babies that has been many years in the making. ;) I posted Mom's maternity pictures here where you can read a little about her struggles and find a link to her own blog. Bryan will always have a special place in all of our hearts. He is Daddy and Mommy's little miracle and I know they thank God for him every day! I hope you enjoy his photos!

I love his nursery!

Who doesn't love a big baby yawn?! :)

Bryan decided that he did not want to be naked anymore, so we fed him, swaddled him, Mom rocked him to sleep and we got some beautiful images of him so cozy and warm.

Baby feet never get old, no matter how many pictures I take of them!

Congratulations, again, David and Jessica! :)


Nomad said...

Love the one of him on his blanket!

Jessica said...

I just can't pick a favorite....I just LOVE all of them! You did amazing for how he wasn't cooperating that day! Thanks so much!!

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