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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jasmine Star Workshop

I'm still in awe that I got to attend a "Branding You" workshop by the amazing Jasmine Star. I'm not sure when I started following her or how I found her but I've been drooling over her work for a few years now.
  I read every blog post about her, JD and Polo. I admire the engagement sessions and the weddings. When I found out she would be speaking just a few hours away, I knew I wanted to go! I was so excited when my husband worked it out for me to go and made a little getaway out of it.

You should have seen us all, giddy with excitement to meet her and get our picture with her! Yes--we are stalkers. But in a good way. I think.

The workshop was about "Branding You". She had about an hour and a half to speak, and it flew by. The main topic was "How to brand your Online Presence."
 5) Differentiation
-why are we positioning ourselves to look like everyone else? You need to stick out and play your own game. * Intangible competition. What makes you different, and why aren't you showing that off?
*Choosing Photographers not Photographs. Once your pictures pass "the good test", clients then need to pass the "you test". As long as they think your pictures are good, they want to know if they like you.
* Can you say, "I am different." ?

4. Selective Clientele
*Your initial contact with them is your website or blog. You need to put SO much of yourself into your website! Set it up so they know you and like the photos before they even see them!
*Meeting and interview. By the time they see you, they should feel like they already know you.
*Who is your client? If you don't know they type of client you want to shoot, how can you know how to target them?

3. Reach
*National recognition. When your work starts getting recognized on other blogs, etc, people start focusing on you. Put your work out there. The worst they can say is no!
2. Archival Marketing
 *try to have your work featured online rather than in magazines, because it will be there forever.
*IN your blog posts, tag locations, etc, so that it will come back to you
* Slideshow galleries are so important. It's an online commercial starring your clients for you.
*Comments. People will not leave comments for an organization. They will leave comments for a person. Be personal!
*Facebook. Put 8-10 awesome pictures on facebook, and then a link to your blog where they can get more info.
1. FREE!
*All of these things are free. Jasmine's average bride spends $10,000.00 on her wedding collections and she's never spent a dime on marketing.

Well, there you have it. A good portion of my notes. :) I hope this helps you in some way and that it wasn't too confusing! It's hard to put an 90 minutes of a workshop into one short post, but hopefully these tips will give you something to work on like it did me!


Katie said...

Thanks for Sharing!! =)

yourpicphotography said...

So appreciate you passing this along, Jenna! So sweet of you. Good stuff!!!

Jenna (Cammi J Photography) said...

You're welcome girls!

Amanda Marie said...

I saw her in Seattle and also stalked her for a picture lol. Got a pic with JD as well. They need to bring Polo so I can meet the ENTIRE family. :D

Ashley King said...

Great info!! Thanks for writing it up! ;)

Jasmine said...

It was SO nice meeting you!! :)

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