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Monday, August 24, 2009


I Heart Faces challenge this week: Nostalgia

Some of my best memories of childhood are when my Mom and Dad would take time out of their busy schedule to take all of us kids--9 of us--to the state park right by our house. We would Rollerblade or ride our bikes and when we got there, do what any kid loves. Run along the beach, play in the sand, slide and swing.
This picture of my daughter takes me back to those precious memories of being at the park with Mom and Dad, enjoying a little family time. I miss those carefree days but I'm glad that I have a chance to recreate them for my kids now that I'm a Mom!
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Rabacal said...

Beautiful little girl. Great photo, I love to take pictures of my boys on the swings. So fun.

Foursons said...

Sweet little face she has! I loved swinging when I was a kid. (Now it makes me sick. How weird.)

Jessica said...

Wow. 9 kids in your family! There's 8 of us in mine. Big families are the best though! Great picture for a wonderful memory!

Christal said...

What a great photo, she is so adorable! Love your composition.

Anonymous said...

I said it before but i'll say it again ;D Love the composition in this. Its very nice!

jessica said...

Love it Jen!! She is such a doll!!

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