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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Post...just Us

In May, my husband and I "modeled" for the San Antonio I Heart Faces Workshop. It was quite an experience, being surrounded by 20 ladies with cameras, all trying to get their best shot.

However, it was so worth it to get some absolutely gorgeous pictures of Nate and I. It's not an opportunity that comes along often, and as awkward as it may have been, I'm so thankful for the images we got in return. Thanks so much Angie Arthur, Julie Rivera and Rachel Durik for being such gracious hosts. It was an honor to meet each one of you. I have followed each of their blogs for a while now and to meet them and have pictures that they took...of us! is so incredible. The following pictures are by Tracey Washington, Julie Rivera,  and Rachel Durik.
   I know there was another lady who sent me pictures, but I cannot find your information--so if you read this please give yourself a shout out! :)

I will cherish these pictures for years to come. They will be hung all over my bedroom as they captured our love and emotional connection to each other perfectly.


Tracey Washington said...

Lovely post! I'm sure I speak for all of us photogs but thank you both for putting up with the heat, trekking through a city block and being so gracious even with the 20+ cameras in your face. I'm really honored you liked my photos...blessings to you and Nate:)

Tori said...

These are so beautiful! :)

I have that same dress - I love it! You look beautiful!

Jenna (Cammi J Photography) said...

Thank you both! :)

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