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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Best Christmas Gift {Austin, TX, Children and Newborn Photographer}

Tiny baby "C" wanted her entrance into the world to be well remembered. She caused Mommy a very rough time--an emergency C-section followed by severe complications. But Mom is recovering and doing well and baby is the sweetest thing ever! Big sister loves her to death and is so gentle with her!
Baby "C" was determined to remember her session and not fall asleep, but I still got some very sweet awake pictures! Both of them are gorgeous! Enjoy Mom! :)

One of my Favorites :)


Katielynn Photography said...

awww LOVE the last pic.. so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word Jenna!! These are all fabulous! I love them ALL, two of my faves are the carraige one and Chloe kissing baby! So sweet!

jessica said...

I want to cry! These are beautiful Jen! She is wearing JoLynn's Christmas dress! Just adorable pics!!

Julia said...

These are amazing! I really like the vintage effect. Gotta love Clarissa's hair :)

scottnsharon said...

Absolutely fabulous!!

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